What is Volleyball Betting? Volleyball Betting Guide

Currently, online bettors at bookmakers have many choices of sports games to bet on. One of them, volleyball betting, is loved by many bettors. Because of the ease and drama of this form of betting. If you don’t know What is Volleyball Betting? Let’s join reputable sports bookmaker 90JILI to learn details about volleyball with this super dramatic form of volleyball betting.

What is Volleyball Betting?

What is Volleyball Betting?

Answering questions about what is volleyball betting.

Volleyball betting is not complicated and is a fun way to get into the world of sports betting. For those with experience, betting on volleyball is a simple thing. However, for beginners, there is no need to worry. How to bet on volleyball is very easy to understand.

The schedule of volleyball tournaments is always fully updated by the house. You just need to follow and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. This helps you understand the match process, scoring, and winning ability of the teams.

Each volleyball match has a certain payout rate. This rate often depends on the bookmaker you choose. With a small amount of bet, if you are the winner, you can collect an attractive bonus.

The online bookmaker focuses on optimizing the betting interface, so that tracking match schedules and bets becomes simple and convenient for all players, regardless of age and social status.

What Are the Current Volleyball Rules?

What Are the Current Volleyball Rules?
  • Each volleyball match is divided into 5 sets, with each set having a fixed number of points. The team that reaches the highest score first will win. In indoor volleyball, the team that reaches 25 points first wins, while in beach volleyball, the set score is 21.
  • During the competition, if a team commits a foul, the opposing team will be awarded points depending on the level of the error. This motivates players to always be careful to avoid making mistakes.
  • Rules for winning points in volleyball include:
  • When the opponent hits the ball into the net.
  • The ball falls on the opponent’s field.
  • The opposing team hits the ball out of the field.
  • The opponent hits the dropped ball 3 times before it passes the net.
  • The opposing team touches the net during play.
  • The player who kicks the ball touches his foot on the field line when kicking the ball.
  • A player from the opposing team catches the ball.
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Summary of Volleyball Betting Odds

Summary of Volleyball Betting Odds

Like many other forms of sports betting at the bookmaker. When participating in volleyball betting, there will also be diverse and abundant bets for players to choose from. What are those volleyball betting odds? We will share this with you in detail below.

Bet on the Final Winning Team

In this type of bet, players will predict and bet on the team they believe will win the match. There are two betting options: the home team wins or the away team wins. In volleyball, there is no concept of a draw bet, therefore, you have to choose a team to win the particular volleyball match.

Handicap Betting on Volleyball

You can apply this type of bet similar to handicap betting in soccer. The bookmaker will provide a fixed handicap. You just need to predict and bet on the winning team based on this ratio. A handicap is provided by the bookmaker to increase the chances of winning the bet on the match.

Over/Under Betting Based on Total Points Scored

This is a type of volleyball betting where players will bet on the total number of points achieved by both teams in the match. The house will give specific odds, then you must predict whether the total score will be higher or lower than the score given by the house.

In fact, in regular volleyball matches, bookmakers often offer a final score of around 136 points. You can use these points to adjust your bets and make the most accurate decisions.

Bet on Match Correct Score

Players need to accurately predict the score of the match at the end. Besides, you also need to choose the winning team in that match along with choosing what the winning score of that team is. To win overall in a volleyball match, teams are required to win 3 sets first. The score in a volleyball match will include 3:0, 3:1, 3:2.


Volleyball is an attractive and highly dramatic sport. Every moment of play on the field brings excitement and excitement. We have answered you about what form of volleyball betting is? Join volleyball betting to increase your excitement and peak entertainment.

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