Types of Soccer Handicap bets at Phlove

Handicap bets are known as a popular and attractive form of soccer betting at Phlove Ph. If players want to make money from this type of bet, they must clearly understand its nature and how to read it. So that you don’t waste too much time making judgments, please join us in following the content below. Information about handicap betting will be shared comprehensively with us.

Introduction to handicap bets

Before betting, players should understand what a handicap is. It’s a way of predicting results in the bookmaker system and involves evaluating two teams.

Introduction to handicap bets

Over: The team has a high chance of winning with better strength and tactics. Depending on the level of difference, they will need to overcome a certain number of goals called handicap.

Underdog: The team is in a weak position, often losing in terms of skills and performance. In the handicap bet result, the underdog team does not need to exceed any goal score.

Based on the above two options, the player with this bet needs to choose which team is the winner. The Odds bonus rate will be paid if the match result matches the handicap bets. Accordingly, each match has a different handicap as well as bonuses. If this number is high, it confirms that the match has a big difference in strength.

Handicap betting is the basic type of bet in Soccer Betting

Handicap betting is the basic type of bet in Soccer Betting

Common handicap ratios

When participating in handicap betting – handicap betting, you need to choose a certain handicap rate. According to statistics, matches in the Football Betting section will have popular odds such as:

Bet 0.5 left

The 0.5 left match reflects that the two teams are not much different in form and ability to win. So when you put down money with this bet, you don’t need to calculate too much. Specifically, how to read is understood as follows:

The team with the higher odds needs to have a difference of 0.5 goals to win. A score of 1 or more is valid.

The underdog wins as long as the result is a draw or the higher team does not score a goal.

Bet on 1 result

Betting with a one-way bet, players will also have 2 options: the upper team and the lower team. For the upper team, they need to win by 2 goals to be considered valid. Here are two cases that read as follows:

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The upper hand wins if the team scores 2 or more goals. For example, the score is 2-0, 2-1.

The underdog wins if the situation is a draw or the underdog team only scores 1 goal. For example 1-0 or 1-1.

The 1-ball handicap appears in many soccer matches at Phlove

Bet on 2 results

In Handicap betting, the ratio of 2 goals is considered a difficult situation. Players need to research and consider carefully to be able to deposit money correctly. Accordingly, members need to calculate their eligibility so that they do not face any risks. First you need to learn how to read as follows:

The upper bet wins when the number of goals scored is 3 or more. For example 3-1, 3-2 or 3-0.

The underdog wins if the top team scores no goals or less than 3 goals. For example, the result is 1-0, 3-3 or 1-2.

In case of scoring 2 goals, the player will receive a refund.

Bet 2.5 left

The ratio of 2.5 fruits is considered highly difficult so it is only suitable for people with a lot of experience. Betting takes place according to certain readings, including 3 cases as follows:

The favorite team wins when they score a difference of 3 goals or more.

If 2 goals are scored, the upper player loses half the money, the lower player wins half the money.

If the upper team fails to score by 3 goals, the person betting on this team loses.

Experience you need to know when participating in handicap betting

Experience you need to know when participating in handicap betting

For handicap bets, when participating, you need to clearly understand the nature of each rate. Not only that, players need to accumulate knowledge to make correct bets and judgments. Below are 3 typical experiences that bettors can refer to:

Find out carefully information about the competing teams based on factors such as: current performance, playing strategy, skills, coach, personality,… Then players can Decide which team is likely to win.

Choose a moderate handicap, do not bet on matches with too high limits. Because often handicapped matches with many goals fluctuate greatly, it is difficult for new players to judge.

Consider the amount of capital spent to minimize risks. It’s best to leave at least 20% of your betting capital to have a safe experience.

Information about handicaps has been provided for players to easily grasp. It can be said that this is a popular form of Football Betting with high potential in Phlove. So bettors should grasp this to make effective betting choices on matches.

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