Football Knowledge – How many minutes does extra time play?

How many minutes does extra time play? This is a question that many football viewers sent to bookmaker 90JILI. A new player who is new to soccer betting will not understand clearly about extra time. Our analysis below will help you learn about extra time in soccer.

Extra time in football

How many minutes does extra time play? Before learning about this problem, let’s learn general information about extra time.

Extra time in football

Extra time is a period that takes place over a specified number of rounds, the match is decisive for the knockout result or progressing to the next round, requiring a clear winner or loser. These two rounds give the teams more opportunities to decide the winner or loser of the match before being forced to their fate through a penalty shootout.

Matches held in extra time are usually matches in the knockout round, the inner rounds of tournaments such as quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals… The serving team is designated in the first extra time. That is the team that has the right to serve in the first official match.

How many overtime periods are there in the match?

How many overtime periods are there in the match?

Similar to the official match time, extra time is also divided into two periods. The participating teams can exchange fields in the same manner as during the official match. The difference only comes from the shorter overtime period.

Each match has 2 official overtime periods. Extra time takes place immediately after the official 90 minutes including overtime, the players have about 5 minutes to rest before playing extra time.

The advantages and limitations of extra time in football


The extra time helps prolong the match time, increasing the chances of deciding a winner or loser for the participating teams. After extra periods where a winner or loser is not determined, there is additional time for the players to take penalty kicks to determine the winner or loser.

The audience has more time to watch the match thanks to the extra time being organized and usually during the extra time of the match, the atmosphere is always dramatic and exciting on the field.

The advantages and limitations of extra time in football


Extra time is held after the player plays the official 90 minutes, not including overtime. The physical strength of the players is depleted, affecting their health, the quality of play, and the team’s tactics.

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If the team’s players want to ensure the quality of extra time, they have durable physical strength and appropriate playing tactics.

How many minutes does extra time play?

How many minutes does extra time play?

The playing time for each extra period is set at 15 minutes. At the end of the first 15 minutes of extra time, the two teams change fields and play the second extra time. The interesting thing is that there are times when FIFA applies the “golden goal” rule in matches, at this time the match has half time. Extra time will end when one team scores first during extra time.

However, the golden goal rule is no longer applied at this point. That’s why the teams are forced to determine the winner and loser and play out the extra time and if not determined, they must play Penalty.

So, in short, the extra time of extra time is 15 minutes for each half and may include extra periods depending on the progress of the match as decided by the referees. The total time for two extra periods is 30 minutes.


How many minutes does extra time play? We have the answer for you through the above article. Extra time in football will bring thrilling and dramatic moments to the audience. Helps football matches become more dynamic and attractive.

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