Dragon King Fish Shooting – A Game That Makes 90JILI

The Dragon King Fish Shooting game at 90JILI is a hot destination and attracts the attention of many experienced players. All members who have participated in this game experience at the house have received attractive rewards. To help you become the next lucky player, this article 90JILI will share details about important things related to this game.

General Introduction to Dragon King Fish Shooting

General Introduction to Dragon King Fish Shooting

Compared to the traditional way of playing, participating in the Dragon King Fish Shooting game at 90JILI is not much different. Simply, players just need to use their weapons and skills to destroy the target fish. Each fish you kill will give you a corresponding amount of points, and the more points you accumulate, the chances of receiving bigger rewards will also increase.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for money and withdraw them to your account. Participating in hunting is not too difficult, so receiving bonuses is always attractive to players.

This game at 90JILI not only attracts many new players but also attracts professional players. With their long experience, they have left many positive reviews about this game. So, this is a new, stimulating genre that you should experience.

Game rules must be understood in 90JILI fish shooting

Game rules must be understood in 90JILI fish shooting

This game is not complicated at all, and therefore, the rules are very simple. In each playroom, four people participate together. You just need to use a provided gun to destroy the fish that appear on the screen.

Depending on the level of the game room and the power of the gun, the ability to kill prey will vary. The damage level of the gun will depend mainly on the type of weapon you are using. Therefore, players need to upgrade weapons to be able to hunt big fish.

Each fish you kill gives you a unique score, and rarer and more exotic fish often give you a higher score. At the end of a game, the total score will be recalculated and added up.

The newest way to play fish shooting for you guys

The newest way to play fish shooting for you guys

For the Dragon King fish shooting game at 90JILI, there are many different playing methods that you can try to apply to get the most bonus points. Here are three ways you can apply:

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Method 1: Kill fish in groups

The simplest approach is to attack areas where schools of fish appear. With a large number of fish, you will need to use quite a lot of bullets. To increase damage, you should use continuous shooting to kill as many fish as possible. However, it should be noted that during the shooting process, a large fish may appear swimming around the school of fish, hindering the kill. Wait for them to swim away before continuing to fire.

Method 2: Destroy single fish

Choosing to shoot at fish swimming alone will increase your kill chance. Although each fish may yield a lower score than shooting in a school, the kill potential is higher. If you fire but don’t kill the fish and they swim away, stop to avoid wasting bullets.

Method 3: Kill big fish

This method focuses on killing larger, higher-value fish. However, you need to own a powerful gun and enough bullets to be able to defeat them. If you succeed, the bonus points will be large, but if you fail, you will not receive any bonus points and lose all used bullets. Therefore, consider carefully before applying this way of playing.


We have presented all the details about the Dragon King Fish Shooting – A Game That Makes 90JILI Members Stunned game in this article. Hopefully, this information will help you have an overview and better understand this attractive prize-winning fish-hunting game at 90JILI.

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