The most professional blackjack rules for beginners

Blackjack rules are popular in the betting game universe, and the appeal of this game is spreading to more and more people. A classic game at large and small casinos around the world for you to refer to. The article below 90JILI addresses an issue that you need to start approaching when learning this game.

Blackjack card game and what you need to know

Blackjack card game and what you need to know

Before going into the rules of blackjack, we would like to summarize for you some information about the card game Queen so you can better understand the game. Understanding the basics of the game, you will see how simple the rules of playing blackjack are.

In Vietnam, Blackjack is also known as blackjack or blackjack because the rules of this game are the same as blackjack. Therefore, those who know how to play Blackjack will know the rules of Blackjack. Blackjack is a game of comparing points between the player and the dealer. A normal Blackjack deck is 8 decks of 52 cards – excluding the Joker.

The blackjack game starts with 2 or more people participating with the dealer. After that, the two sides add up and compare the points. If which side is closer to 21 points, that side wins. And thanks to its simple, easy-to-win gameplay, Blackjack is currently the most attractive game and attracts the largest number of players today.

Playing Blackjack is difficult or easy?

Playing Blackjack is difficult or easy?

Blackjack originated in Europe, specifically in France, where the world’s earliest developed service industry was located. Initially, this game appeared in the first casinos in the hexagonal country called Vingt-Et-Un and has since spread throughout Western Europe and internationally.

Whether the rules of blackjack are easy or difficult is a question whose answer depends on many factors including luck and the player’s judgment skills. However, in general, the Blackjack card game is widely popular, anyone can participate in playing and win easily.

Basic Blackjack rules for beginners

Basic Blackjack rules for beginners

The rules of blackjack are also quite simple, as long as you understand the scoring rules of the cards and how to determine the results, there is no problem participating in the game. In general, Blackjack is a game located in the world of black and red games, so the game rules are as simple as possible so that many players can easily participate.

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What’s in the Blackjack Table?

A blackjack table includes a dealer and many players (usually a maximum of 7 players registered on a betting table). Blackjack is a card game with bets between players and the Banker, but players are not afraid to bet against each other. The game uses 52 cards, usually consisting of multiple decks of cards shuffled together and dealt randomly.

Regulation of points in blackjack rules

From 1-10 corresponds to the number of points on each card, the cards J, Q, K are counted as 10 points. As for the Ace (A): A is counted as 1 point when the sum of the 2 cards played is greater than 11, A = 11 points if the sum of the 2 cards is less than or equal to 11.

How to determine winning or losing in Blackjack

  • The Blackjack card game is determined by comparing the points between the player (house) and the dealer. The required standard number of points is 21 as the conventional level for comparing scores. The house that is closer to 21 or equal to 21 points wins.
  • In the rules of blackjack, each player is dealt 2 cards and will have more options to draw more cards to calculate the total score most favorably. This option is different for the dealer and the dealer.
  • For the house: If the total score of the initial 2 cards is less than 21, the house has the right to choose to draw additional cards to make the total score less than or equal to 21, stop drawing or double the bet. If you want, or choose to fold and lose half of your bet.
  • For the dealer: you can draw more cards when the total score of the cards is less than 17 points. From 17 points or more, the dealer must stop drawing cards and compare scores with the dealer.
  • The house wins when the house has a higher score than the house without exceeding 21, or the house’s total score exceeds 21. The two houses tie when the total points are equal.
  • In special cases, if the player’s total score exceeds 21, the player loses, without having to wait for the dealer’s turn to draw cards.


Now you understand the basic blackjack rules, right? This card game is extremely hot and has become the top money-making choice for bettors. Join the safest online game portal to enjoy the blackjack card game and win a lot.

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