Basketball betting – bets you should not miss

Basketball betting has been increasingly popular in today’s online sports betting market. As the sports world is increasingly developing and the betting market of sports is increasingly competitive. Then basketball betting is a wise choice. Please join 90JILI to learn about this subject through this article.

A Brief Introduction to what is basketball betting

A Brief Introduction to what is basketball betting

If you have ever learned and tried online soccer betting, that is an advantage. It will not be too difficult for you to switch to participating in online basketball betting. These two sports have many similarities in common.

In general, both of these disciplines are forms of collective combat sports, consisting of two teams competing against each other over many rounds. But instead of using your feet like soccer, basketball will use your hands to fight for the ball. Observing the game situation, teamwork coordination and other objective factors is also quite important when you participate in online basketball betting.

And if you have never tried any sport, that’s okay. Just start playing basketball betting according to the introductory instructions for newbies. Because any subject requires us to research, learn, practice, and gain experience.

Types of bets when playing basketball betting

Types of bets when playing basketball betting

When playing basketball odds, there will be many different odds or types of bets for players to choose from. Some popular types of bets will be mentioned below.

Moneyline (Winning bet)

Moneyline is the simplest type of bet when registering to play basketball betting. Players just need to bet on the team they think will win the match, regardless of the score or score difference. As long as it’s your favorite team and believe they will win, players can just bet on it.

Handicap odds

This bet is quite similar to the handicap bet in soccer. Therefore, it is also popular with many people in basketball betting. The handicap ratio will also be given by the house. The stronger team will also accept the weaker team by certain odds. Because this bet has a handicap when you participate. Remember to consider carefully and consider the factors about the two teams playing.

Betting on basketball total score (over/under)

This type of bet bets on the total score of both teams in the match. It’s called over/under basketball and the playing style is similar to over/under in football. The house will give a number that is predicted to be the total score of the two teams. The player’s task is to predict and bet whether the total score will be greater or less than the bookie’s offer. Note that this bet is only based on the total score. Don’t care which team wins or loses.

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Other special bets

In this bet, players will bet on specific events occurring in the match. For example, who scored the first goal, the number of corner kicks. Or other events that are not the result of the match.

Pocket experience when playing basketball betting

Pocket experience when playing basketball betting
  • Basketball betting experience is an important factor to increase success rate. When participating in betting with this sport. Below are the experiences that have been summarized by experts, please take advantage of them to take a look and pocket them for yourself.
  • Choose big matches: most big matches are run by reputable bookmakers so you won’t have to worry about being scammed. Rest assured that when you win, your bonus will be returned to your account immediately.
  • Record results: record the history of matches to see whether the bets you have won or lose. From there you can calculate your profit. If you lose more than you win, you need to review your playing strategy and adjust it.
  • Choose the home team: advice from experts is that you should prioritize choosing the home team when betting. Because normally, according to research, the team playing at home has a win rate of up to 65%.
  • Monitor the betting market: the house will provide information about the types of bets before each match. Players should monitor odds and refer to odds analysis from experts. Along with many other factors to make the right choice.
  • Understanding the types of bets: understanding the types of bets mentioned above. Will help players come up with appropriate playing strategies. At the same time, practice your skills.
  • Psychology and patience: Always maintain a relaxed and patient spirit when participating in basketball betting. Don’t let fear of loss influence your decisions. However, you must always bet objectively and not bet based on your emotions.


Playing basketball bets also requires careful consideration and deep knowledge of this sport. So players must spend some time researching carefully before deciding to participate. New players can immediately come to 90JILI for dedicated guidance.

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