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Surely the brothers who play online betting will know about the card game Baccarat. This is a popular game that appears at most online bookmakers today. The number of players participating in this game is large. But to win Baccarat, not many people can do it, to win this game, you must accumulate & equip yourself with a good Baccarat strategy. Join the bookmaker 90JILI to learn the experiences and strategies when playing Baccarat.

Introduction to How to Play Baccarat

Introduction to How to Play Baccarat

How to play Baccarat is not too difficult but not too simple. But when playing online, you do not need to remember the rules of the game because the dealer will do it for you. You need to place a bet and wait for the result of the Baccarat game.

The Baccarat game will use the Western deck to play, usually, the dealer will combine 6-8 Western decks. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will deal 2 cards to 2 of Player and Banker. Then announce 2 cards for each group. The group with a score of 9, close to 9 will win. The group with a lower score will lose.

Card points:

Card points

Cards numbered 2 to 9 have points corresponding to their number. Cards 10, J, Q, and K are worth 0 points. Ace is worth 1 point.

The highest score is 9 points and decreases down to 0 points. If the total of the cards is 2 digits, only the digit in the unit place is used as the score. For example, if the total of your 2 cards is 23, then your score is 3.

Baccarat Strategy to Help You Win Quickly

Although this is an entertaining card game, it also requires a lot of strategy and thinking from the player. To win at Baccarat, players need to develop good playing strategies. Let’s learn good tips for this game.

Observing Baccarat Table History

Observing Baccarat Table History

One of the safe Baccarat playing tips to help you grasp the situation of that table is to learn the history of the table you choose. Do not rush to place a bet right away, referring to the results of previous tables will help you have a more general view of the betting boxes. From the table history, you can evaluate which betting boxes have a higher probability of coming out and which betting boxes have a lower of coming out. From there, you will choose a suitable betting box for yourself.

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Avoid Placing Tie Bets – Safe Baccarat Strategy

On a Baccarat table, three main betting boxes often appear: Banker, Player, and Tie. The tie box has an extremely high payout rate, much higher than the other 2 boxes. But this is also a box with a very low probability of appearing.

Therefore, this is considered a fatal box that plays on the greed of players who like to win big. Betting on this box has a very high chance of making you lose and go broke. You should only try your luck occasionally with the tie box. However, for long-term play, you absolutely should not choose this option.

Don’t Bet on Side Bets in Baccarat

Don't Bet on Side Bets in Baccarat

In addition to the 3 main betting boxes: Banker, Player, and Tie. Some versions of Baccarat will have additional betting options to increase the richness of the player’s choices. However, these betting boxes often have a low appearance rate. At the same time, it will also distract you when playing, leading to quick losses. This is a Baccarat playing strategy that you should know by heart.


Hopefully, the detailed information and Baccarat playing strategies will help you quickly master this exciting entertainment game. Without an effective Baccarat strategy, it will be difficult for you to win this game. Be a smart Baccarat player to conquer new milestones on your betting journey.

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